Marty Wisher

Marty Wisher

Marty Wisher

Marty Wisher is the owner of Swan Studios, and a renowned Mural and Faux artist.  She studied visual design in college in Minnesota and Florida, and specializes in creating original artwork for her clientele.  She also does interior design and complete room makeovers.  Marty has been involved in the theatre for many years, first as an actor, then as a writer/director as well as drama teacher for a home school group in Southwest Florida.  She is also well-known for her impersonations of Marilyn Monroe and I Dream of Jeannie.  She is currently represented by Protocol Models, Benz Modeling Agency and The OssLin Agency.  You can download her headshots and resume here.


6 Responses to “Marty Wisher”

  1. Hey girl, honestly I dropped by to see how LIGHT is coming along and to get sneak peeks of it!!!
    Looks great!!

  2. Marty…It looks great! Now I see why your phone was ringing off the hook when you were venitian plastering my bathroom! I got so engrossed in watching all the scenes and video shot, that its late and I wont want to get up for work in the morning. You go girl!!

  3. […] our own Marty Wisher was interviewed for the online newspaper, The Examiner, about “Light,” Starlight […]

  4. […] Marty Wisher once again played Marilyn Monroe at the height of her popularity and Ryan Sharp stepped in to play the young Elvis Presley.  The residents were thrilled with Marilyn and Elvis, getting pictures, chatting with them and dancing with them all afternoon long. […]

  5. Starlight, star bight, first star I see tonight,
    must be Marty, The Wisher.
    I see the moon and the moon sees me over the old pine tree.
    God bless the moon and God bless me.
    God bless Ms.Wisher
    Make her celluloid dreams a reality.
    Because Magic= hard work.
    your friend in Film Land,
    Krista Fellini *

  6. […] is written and directed by local actor-writer Marty Wisher and starsChristian Kilian, Danny Rawley, Keegan Shayne and long-time character actorRick Michaels. […]

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